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Mindful Lives

Existential Therapy

Life is not a  problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced   
Søren Kierkegaard

My preferred method of Existential Psychotherapy is phenomenological, an approach based on the premise that reality is perceived or understood subjectively rather than objectively. Phenomenology therefore seeks to understand how people construct meaning.

Within therapy this approach involves helping the client explore their life experiences from new perspectives. It requires both the client and therapist entering into a relationship whereby together they engage in joint inquiry of what may be either familiar or new experiences for the client. Judgements and pre-conceptions are suspended in the service of allowing experiences to speak afresh, revealing new insights and revelations, then whilst exploring these experiences afresh new meaning may come to light and these in turn are explored and made sense of.

Clients are supported and encouraged as they address emotional issues, the aim being to develop skills and a sense of empowerment as they take responsibility for their own actions and their ability to regulate their emotions and feelings. Clients are encouraged to recognise the significance of personal choice, responsibility and behaviour in enabling them to live a life that is filled with possibilities and meaning.