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Mindful Lives

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Silence is not absence of sound. Silence is absence of you!
Wu Hsin 


The good news is, we are back. However, in compliance with the Covid-19 restriction requirements there has to be a limited number of places to ensure the necessary social distancing. Until further notice I am also requesting that you have had at least one vaccination and I will review this condition monthly. Once the restrictions are lifted we can carry on with the open meetings (just turning up on the day/no booking) as Pre-Covid. If you would like a place please contact me via the email link below with your name, and any questions if you have them.  Glenn

Welcome to Mindfullives Meditation Group. We meet at Sudbury Quaker Meeting House, Friars Street, Suffolk CO10 2AA on the 2nd Saturday of The month (confirmation of dates below) from 10.30am – 12.15pm. Parking is available at the nearby Quay Theatre (4 minutes walk) or the Leisure Centre on Station Road (also 4 minutes walk). Wheelchair access is available.

The instruction is informed by both traditional meditative and non-duality teachings alongside a psychotherapeutic understanding of how certain meditation exercises and teachings effectively address issues such as stress, anxiety, low mood, poor self esteem etc. Participants are invited to ‘try into’ rather than ‘buy into’ what is offered in the sessions.

The sessions require no particular religious or spiritual affiliation and welcomes all, requiring only an open mind and respect for the beliefs of others.

My motivation for running the group is my desire to share what points towards an end to personal suffering whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

If you are interested you need only turn up at the times stated below. You can phone me on 07984 995041 or email me at  if you would like more information.

The session runs for 1hour 45minutes and cost £8 per session. There is no up front charge or hidden cost, just pay on the day.




July: 10th 

August: 14th

September: 11th

October: 9th

November: 13th

December: 11th